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Mountains July 21, 2008

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They seem to be looming;
Staring down at me;
Trying to intimidate;
But yet so beautiful; yet so free.

Their white capped tops glimmer;
In the sunlight and the stars;
And although I know there’s no way;
It seems they may be touching Mars.

The bases wide, the bases long;
Are only the beginning of a journey so hard;
I climb and I climb and as I near the top;
I see an army; waiting to charge.

But this army is different;
This army is trees;
This army will fight;
Will fight through the breeze.
This beautiful mountain has so much to show;
About what we’re doing, when we pollute the air;
Or use too much water, don’t leave much to share;
This beautiful mountain has taught me so much;
That if we don’t stand in it’s way, it’s willing to reach out and touch.
To reach out and touch us in such a different way;
A different way we won’t ever experience;
If we don’t leave it alone, let it be on it’s own;
If we don’t respect the beautiful mountain;
That feeling will never be known.

i wrote this after being in colorado. ahh, i miss it.


iBlog #1

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You know, the idea for a blog came to me on a whim. I was sitting around waiting for my dad to get off the phone with his business partner so we could go to the coffee house downtown. My aunt,, has been blogging a lot lately, mainly on motherhood. I never thought it would be my thing, but i guess i don’t really get to vent on myspace much. This blog will be weird, a hodgepodge¬†of poetry (which I write a lot of), my thoughts on random stuff, and events in my life. Bear with me while i bare all, yes?