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iblog #10 September 30, 2008

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Hannah is so sweet, i can’t even stand it. She’s 2nd of the sextuplets,

4th over all. She’s known, deffinitely, as mommy’s helper. She’s apparently more mature

then the other sextuplets and can often be seen on the show folding the laundry or saying:

I’ll take care of the kids!

GAH! Cuteness.


iblog #9 September 29, 2008

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Cara was first born of the twins, oldest of all the kids. She’s only older then Mady by 6 minutes..

but she acts way more mature most of the time. She’s a little sweetie

who frequently finds friends fast.

The picture is from when she and Mady got headshots done for fun.

She’s adorable, eh?


iblog #8 September 25, 2008

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So i already said how i’m pretty much in love with Jon and Kate plus 8, yes?


well, i’m going to do some individual stuff starting with the girls then the boys.

just saying what i like and stuff. yep (:


Leah is the one that’s always laughing. She’s the smallest and the loudest.

whenever she doesn’t want to do something, she exclaims: I can’t! I am too little!

She really is a tiny little thing. 7th overall, 5th out of sextuplets.

ain’t she the cutest (:


iblog #7 September 23, 2008

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i fell on my butt at the park today.

it was pretty hilarious.


iblog #6 September 22, 2008

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Oops. Sorry i didn’t get on yesterday. I was a little busy.


This is the giraffe that tried to lick my jeans. Lick them! We were up on a platform (this trip, although i did enjoy it greatly, was for the most part for my 2-year-old cousin) feeding them the little giraffe-y biscuits, and i guess he just thought i was really pleasin’ him with some fabtastic biscuit treats-es.

So he attempted to swipe his mouthal organ muscle across my Levi’s.


He didn’t succeed. Hooray for lauren’s epic reflexes!


Book recommendation: Twilight September 20, 2008

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Oh my goodness gooseness bujeebes. This book saga is ahh-mazing.

Bella Swan arrives in a new town where she thought she would be the outcast of the school she is attending. After the initial shock of how easily she fitted in, she soon realises who the real out-casts are. The Cullen family who sits in the corner of the canteen room hiding in the shadows.Their unusually white skin and dark eyes with a hint of purple under them, like they havn’t been sleeping lately, took to Bella’s attention, especially one of them. Edward Cullen, beautiful and strange saves Bella from a near death experience. That is when Bella investigates further into the Cullen family history, and discovers a cold deadly secret about who they are. As Bellas and Edward develop an intimate relationship, there is a deadly barrier between them both.

I mean honestly. GASP. This is porn for women. Not in a provocative way, you weird headed noob. Edward is the ideal man. For anyone. I have to be honest.. it’s like my obsession with Harry potter. When i’m done reading and discover that the man of my dreams isn’t real, i almost cry.

But hey, i can dream.

…he could be real.


iblog #5

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So right now i’m babysitting. Not earlier, now. They’re out in the living room watching sponge bob (ha ha). This is actually the most kids i’ve ever babysat at once. So far it’s been pretty easy. I’m at Zoe and Libby’s house, and Sean and Emre came over. Zoe&Sean, and Libby&Emre are the same age, so they frolic around asking for no help from me (except drink refills and backyard permission, of course). They’re pretty self-sufficient. It’s a nice break. I wasn’t expecting it to be such an easy ride. Which it obviously is, as i’m blogging right in the middle…

Anywho, this is turning into a journal entry. I think i’ll blog some more tonight but that’s enough for this one. Schones Wochenende. (: