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iblog #12 October 6, 2008

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Alexis is a ball of fire. She’s always smiling [well… i guess you can never say always and never say never]

and giggly, and deffinitely the loudest of the bunch. But when she has a meltdown..

YIKES. anyway, super cute super cute super cute. (: 1st of the sextuplets, 3rd over all.



2 Responses to “iblog #12”

  1. taylor Says:

    cute photo try adding more information on her like does like sports or is she a girly girl

  2. livelylauren Says:

    she’s a little of both.
    She’s into girly stuff like everyone but she’s also very hyper.
    I don’t think it’s early enough to say if she likes sports haha..
    she’s only 4.

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