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iblog #15 December 12, 2008

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Man! Has it really been a month and a half? I guess I ran outta stuff to talk about after the Jon & Kate +8

spiel. But here’s a good one:

Congress voted out the Big Three last night.




I’m pretty mad. I mean, they hand $150 billion to AIG, when they present no plan, no course of action.

But then when the Big Three, consisting of GM, Chrysler and Ford, ask for a (measly in comparison) $25 billion, and

come in with a game plan, and things they would change with their business to help their course of action, and yet

even after negotiating down to $17 billion, they’re turned down. Of course, with Congress aware that they would

be bankrupt within 3 weeks. And when AIG was handed their 150, they blew through the first $85 billion with no

profitable gain towards their company or their clients, and Congress handed them more money, no questions asked.


So what’s up with that guys?

AIG’s lobbyists get to you before Chrysler?

GM not pay you enough?

Don’t really like Ford’s 2009 models?


Yeah. That’s what I thought.


iblog #15 October 27, 2008

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….last one!

And sorry for missing like 2 weeks (:

Aww Collin. He’s 4th of the sextuplets, 6th over all. What a cutie!

Collin is stubborn. Very very stubborn. If he knows what you want him to do, he will do the

opposite. But he’s a great little kidd! He likes to collect things that are all the same, or try and

fit certain stuff into certain places. He just will probably end up being a mechanic or something (: (: (:


iblog #14 October 10, 2008

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Oh that Joel. He’s just the little itty bitty guy, like the male version of Leah.

They’re both the tiny tots (: he’s last of everything, the absolute youngest,

absolute baby. And he’s so adorable. He has a lisp kind of.. but not a normal one. It’s so funny

but cute. So we don’t make fun (: anyway, real cutie. Love ’em love ’em love ’em (:


iblog #13 October 8, 2008

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and now for the boys..


Isn’t he adorable? They call him the professor, because he likes to study things,

and ’cause of the oh-too-cute lollipop glasses.

Oh..and he loves animals. He announces to the house which animal he is every morning.

Teehee! What a cutie pie. Could just eat him up. 1st of the boys, 3rd of the sextuplets, 5th over all.

….awwwww! (:


iblog #12 October 6, 2008

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Alexis is a ball of fire. She’s always smiling [well… i guess you can never say always and never say never]

and giggly, and deffinitely the loudest of the bunch. But when she has a meltdown..

YIKES. anyway, super cute super cute super cute. (: 1st of the sextuplets, 3rd over all.



iblog #11 October 3, 2008

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Mady is 2nd of the twins by 6 minutes, so she has 6 younger and 1 older sibling(s).

She loves to have a stage, so stand back. She doesn’t hold her emotions in.. uhm.. EVER.

So a lot of times she blows up. But she’s also a great older sister to the little kids

with a big heart and big talents.


iblog #10 September 30, 2008

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Hannah is so sweet, i can’t even stand it. She’s 2nd of the sextuplets,

4th over all. She’s known, deffinitely, as mommy’s helper. She’s apparently more mature

then the other sextuplets and can often be seen on the show folding the laundry or saying:

I’ll take care of the kids!

GAH! Cuteness.