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iblog poetry September 19, 2008

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I’ve had my poetry published in some anthologies and on one website. 3 poems, 4 places.

Here they are (:


All hands on deck

They run and they run

Ropes flying

Voices blaring,

Trying to keep moving.

The waves

are pumping

and thumping in time

to the beat

of their hearts

to the howl

of the wind

The flag goes up

and flaps at the stars

The boat is rocking

and speeding

through the water

it can’t be slowed

it can’t be controlled



Lanterns bobbing

Headaches throbbing

The women rush about

they are strong

strong as men


They raise the mast

it vibrates in the wind

They think

they’re succeding

But the boat is sinking

Filling with water

it can’t be slowed

it can’t be controlled

Abandon ship!

But there is nothing

to abandon to

All is black abyss

Down she goes.


They zip

and they zap

and they race through the crowds

Fighting crime

Defeating men

They are strong

They are fierce

They are for their own kind

Because they feel

They are

The best

of the best

They belong to themselves

Because in their lives

They protect the world

From the male gender.


Every day

I look out my window

the early morning

still painted in the horizon

like a canvas not yet dry

It stretches for miles

and seconds and lifetimes


A vast expansion

of hope.




With serene waves;

an added reward.

How did I end up here

in this beautiful place

with this magnificent life

on this dazzling Earth

I give thanks

and start my day.

that’s all.  hope you like-y like-y. d:


Mountains July 21, 2008

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They seem to be looming;
Staring down at me;
Trying to intimidate;
But yet so beautiful; yet so free.

Their white capped tops glimmer;
In the sunlight and the stars;
And although I know there’s no way;
It seems they may be touching Mars.

The bases wide, the bases long;
Are only the beginning of a journey so hard;
I climb and I climb and as I near the top;
I see an army; waiting to charge.

But this army is different;
This army is trees;
This army will fight;
Will fight through the breeze.
This beautiful mountain has so much to show;
About what we’re doing, when we pollute the air;
Or use too much water, don’t leave much to share;
This beautiful mountain has taught me so much;
That if we don’t stand in it’s way, it’s willing to reach out and touch.
To reach out and touch us in such a different way;
A different way we won’t ever experience;
If we don’t leave it alone, let it be on it’s own;
If we don’t respect the beautiful mountain;
That feeling will never be known.

i wrote this after being in colorado. ahh, i miss it.